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Maria ' s natural health centre is based in Greater London. It is easy to reach by train to Surbiton,and by car.

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Consultations are relaxed, personal, and confidential.

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July 2020 The Government will soon be announcing further measures to ease the lockdown measures but at this time CNHC continues to recommend that Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in England, Scotland and Wales will continue to work remotely while those in Northern Ireland may return to their clinics on the 6th of July, if they are able to maintain the required distancing measures and follow the previously provided guidance to ensure the safety of the practitioner and the client. July 2020.I am only available for online consultations which may include phone,or remote view with Skype or Zoom. I am not available for consultations in my clinic for the forseable future. I am now partnering with an exciting new testing to help your health with Healthplan.I am able to conduct hair tests,stool tests,hormone tests,blood test.Do send me an email for more information or to discuss this. Read More

At Maria's natural health clinic you will receive a nutritional consultation based on functional medicine .
This means Maria listens to your history, and looks at interactions,from diet, lifestyle, environmental , and stress.
At healthpath Maria may suggest a test to assess your health.

Maria partners with
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Maria offers expert advice and a holistic approach,treating each person with care.

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Tackling the root causes, rather than treating symptoms
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Functional medicine & testing.

Maria can also offer many functional tests.
These assist her in assessing further to support your health.
Maria will recommend a test during the initial nutritional consultation.