How to alkaline your body

How to alkaline your body

Tuesday 1st January 2019

How to Alkalize Your Body

Start the New year with a few simple changes to alkaline your body.

Alkalizing your body simply means reducing its acidity, and you can do that
by eating the right kind of foods. There are a lot of benefits to alkalizing your
body. An alkalized body often results in more nights of peaceful, deep sleep;
an increase in energy; and a reduction in weight. Alkalizing your body also
promotes mental alertness, reduces candida growth, improves memory,
generates healthier tissues, ensures proper functioning of your cells, supports
a healthier heart, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases and muscle

Alkalizing your body is a gift that you can give yourself. Here are eight ways to
do it.

1. Not all acidic foods are bad.

This may seem counter-productive since you
are trying to reduce acid levels in your body,
but not all acidic foods are bad for you.
Case in point: lemon. Lemon may be an acidic
food, but it helps to alkalize your body
instead of harm it. Add a few drops of lemon
water to a glass of water and drink it first thing
in the morning. This will increase your body's
metabolism and help detoxify all the acids
and toxins in your body.

2. Devour the greens.
Another great way to alkalize your body is by
adding green vegetables and fruits in your
diet. Try a simple green salad with olive oil
and sprinkle with some black pepper for

3. A for alkalizing. A for almonds.
Try adding unsalted and raw almonds to your diet as a snack. Almonds
contain naturally occurring alkaline, magnesium, and calcium, which
help your body to balance your body's blood sugar and acidity.

4. Don't choose the Dairy.
Switch your milk to non-dairy, like almond milk or soy milk, because
cow's milk promotes more acid growth.

5. Workout.