Friday 13th March 2020

What puts the "super" into superfoods? The expression "superfood" has been used for many years now, but what does it actually mean? And do these foods provide the answer to…

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Building muscle

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Basic steps for gaining muscle Increasing your muscle mass can be frustrating when you don't immediately see the results you want, but the most common reasons for slow or inadequate muscle gain are easy to overcome if you…

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Super acai berries

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

A bit about acai Acai berries, previously considered an exotic fruit, have now become a virtual staple in almost every supermarket's collection of health…

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How to stop diarrhoea

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Diarrhoea is an increase in the frequency of bowel movements or a decrease in the form of the stool (i.e. greater looseness and water content). It is usually a symptom of…

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Antioxidants for health

Friday 14th February 2020

Antioxidants are beneficial compounds found in certain natural foods, such as fruit, vegetables, grasses, grains etc and even some animal products (such as fish oils).…

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Start losing weight

Thursday 30th January 2020

Let's face it, no one is at their ideal weight all the time and more often than not, you could stand to lose a few pounds rather than putting some on. Luckily, this blog post will…

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Clean colon

Tuesday 14th January 2020

To understand the role of the colon, it is important to first understand how the digestive tract (of which the…

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New year New diet

Friday 3rd January 2020

Carbohydrates and weight loss Cut down on carbs to lose weight faster.You should eat fewer carbohydrates if you want to lose weight quickly. Having said that, there is no need to cut out carbohydrates entirely if you are trying to lose…

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Adrenal health

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Adrenal Health What are adrenal glands and where are they located? Your adrenal glands play a very important role in maintaining your health. They are incredibly small, about the size and weight of a…

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Benefits of kefir

Friday 25th October 2019

How Eating Kefir Benefits Your Gut Many people confuse kefir and yogurt, but they are actually two different foods that provide different benefits. Kefir is a thin, slightly fizzy and tangy fermented beverage and there are three main kinds: milk kefir,…

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