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Registered Nutritional Therapist Surrey, SCIO Biofeedback, Greater London Nutrition

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds to assist them in meeting their health goals. What should I expect from a consultation;

  • Detailed analysis of your dietary and nutritional intakes.
  • Detailed health and family case history
  • A strategy for health-linking the symptoms to nutritional imbalances and providing support and encouragement to change diet and lifestyle.
  • Action plan-personalised advice for diet and lifestyle changes
  • Supplement programme-Details of recommended nutritional supplements
  • The recommendation of non-invasive clinical tests if required.
  • SCIO assessment

Maria Burke Clinic*
SCIO Practitioner
Maria Burke Nutritional Therapist Dip ION BANT CNHC

Hi there, Welcome to mywebsite. I don't spend much time on my site as I am usually very busy in my clinics.

Just a little about myself. I do have over 15 years experience as a nutritional therapist. Before that I spent many years working with adults with learning issues.
Due to my own health issues beginning with discovering a hole in the heart during my first pregnancy at age 25 years of,I had successful open heart surgery when my son was one year old.
Looking after a toddler and then a baby soon after my health deterioted.
I developed asthma due to constant chest infections, and taking many courses of antibiotics.
I then I discovered I had Hives, and food sensitivites.
As I spent many long nights reading about nutrition and health I decided to train and help others.I received my training at the renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition, and introduced the SCIO shortly after that. Many people were asking me to help with allergies and intolerances.
Since then I have attended many continuing professional development courses.

(2017) AFMCP -
(2014) Michael Ash & Antony Haynes: Clinical Trinity 1
(2012) Antony Haynes: Auto Immunity 1
(2012) Prof Garth Nicolson & Dr Rita Ellithorpe: Glycophospholipids
(2012) Dr Tom O'Bryan: Auto Immunity and Gluten
(2011) Dr Tom O'Bryan: Gluten Sensitivity and Coeliac Disease
(2011) Antony Haynes: Weight Loss Triage
(2010) Antony Haynes: Anti Aging Cardiovascular Rejuvenation
(2010) Dr James Wilson: Recovering from Adverse Stress and Fatigue
(2010) Antony Haynes: Sports Nutrition
(2010) Antony Haynes: Female Hormone Balance
(2010) Dr Jay Lombard: Functional Medicine Approach To Mental Health
(2010) Dr David Brownstein: Thyroid Health and Iodine Therapy
(2009) Nick Gonzalez: Enzyme Therapy of Cancer
(2008) Patricia Kane: Detoxification and Essential Fatty Acids
(2008) Mark Houston: Sirtuins, Cardiovascular Health & Anti-Aging

In 2017 I attended AFMCP UK to introduce the functional medicine perspective. This is a method of considering all symptoms and contributing factors, taking into account all the possible systems imbalances within the body, and dealing with the underlying cause itself.

I use the SCIO Biofeedback to assess these imbalances. I also use many other functional tests such as Hair mineral analysis tests,functional blood tests,saliva tests and GI MAP test.

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds to assist them in meeting their health goals. I am always reading and expanding my knowledge by attending up to date seminars in the latest nutrition developments. I deal with people with empathy and understanding in a non-judgemental manner.

Maria is a member of The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and is also registered with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)


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