Functional medicine & testing

Functional medicine & testing

Information - Functional Medicine & Testing

I use a range of laboratory tests.

For some people seeing an issue in black and white of a test result can help them make the changes they need.

Some tests such as saliva and urine can be done at home,others such as blood tests require a trip to the laboratory to provide a sample.

My favorite tests are from Genova diagnostics,Regenerus,Invivo Clinical and FUNCTIONALDX.

I use these tests to complete my assessment of digestive and gut analysis,and hormone testing.

Functional medicine is a person centered approach. It is about getting to the root of the health issues.

It is about focusing on the whole person and addressing underlying issues.

I use these principals in my practice.

I focus on peeling the layers of underlying imbalances that may have resulted in the persons current health issues.


The Blood Test

Functional DX

When looking at your current state of health, nothing gives us a clearer picture than the blood.I use a state of art blood test looking at over 80 markers to assess your health.This shows a range of markers that show us how the body is functioning, we can determine which areas need to be addressed as a priority to assist in getting you to an optimal state of health in the quickest time possible.

Sample Blood Test Report

Functional medicine & testing