Dear Maria

I hope you are well !? I am, as I finally got my period back this month !

Before it came back I definitely noted feeling more energy and lighter and brighter and could feel at times as if the berberine was clearing something out from either bladder, or womb or something in that area.

I stayed off gluten as much as possible and am largely off it now. I also feel the difference there, as one day I went back to having a bagel and did feel more bloated after.

I also would personally highly recommend seed cycling as well as I feel that definitely helped tip it over into recognising a cycle. My body obviously needed more healthy fats and nutrients to boost in a natural way.

So finally after 7 years I have a natural cycle again !!! Thank you so much for helping me in the final clearings. It would be good to come back to have a check up to see how the energies and systems are functioning now.


Dear Maria

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your help when I came to see you a month or two ago. I have avoided the foods suggested and been taking the herbal supplements and have now almost eliminated the bloating. I wish I had come to see you sooner!

I have provided your details to a friend.


"Thank you Maria for a wonderful treatment with the Scio machine once again. It' s so great to find out all that info thats going on in my body. I have been to see you for a few years now and the supplements you recommend for me personally have helped enormously to keep my body balanced. Your testing is always accurate. I feel this treatment helps me to be aware and take care of my own health. It really is an important preventative medicine. I am so glad I found you and the Scio."


"I must say i've felt quite a big improvement over the last month and seen quite a substantial reduction in my headaches. I've discovered i now get quite a reaction when I eat anything with yeast and get quite a headache. When i have had the odd headache and migraine, i can now very much identify the cause which ranges from not eating on time, not enough water, too much coffee, (hangovers!) or hormones/monthly cycle.

Thank you so much for helping me identify the triggers as I've found my whole health has vastly improved by eating a 'cleaner' diet."


"I'm doing really well thank you, not as tired and sleeping much better. To this day still haven't ate any chocolate or junk food! I feel so clean. Thank you so much."


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session today. I literally feel like a new woman, I positively skipped out of the health centre and threw back the roof on my soft top and drove home with the sun on my face with the radio blaring! I feel so emotionally healed its almost a miracle. My family were so impressed at the difference my Mum thinks she may have to come and see you!"


"What can I tell you about Maria? I can honestly say with her fantastic ever increasing knowledge, caring manner & understanding she has changed my life. She has helped me with all manner of things including under active thyroid, hormone imbalances and digestion problems. I met Maria and her amazing machine back in 2008 suffering with bloating and digestion problems. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and have never looked back since. I rely on Maria, she is my 'GP' and I have absolute faith in her as she has helped me with so much. I would highly recommend Maria and the Scio. It, in my opinion is highly accurate & if you want answers concerning your health worries that the doctors haven't got time to tell you about this is definitely the place to come.
My husband was very ill last year and despite having blood tests showing increased white blood cell count the Dr sent him away to get on with it so I bought him to see Maria where she was able to diagnose Swine Flu and help him recover with supplements. I am pleased to say he made a full recovery, without Maria I dread to think where he'd be now. I recommend Maria to everyone I know, she will change your life for the better, it will truly amaze you what the Scio picks up, you'll wonder why you didn't come sooner!"


"My daughter Grace, who is 21, went to our GP for an appointment as she was feeling so unwell. Despite standing in front of the receptionist and looking terribly pale, she was given an appointment for two weeks time.

Luckily for us, Grace had a SCIO test booked with Maria Burke the next morning. Maria immediately saw from the SCIO readings that her white blood cell count was not right and advised her to see a Doctor immediately without alarming her.

She saw a locum, had some blood tests, the results of which sent us to the specialist Haemotology Unit at St George's. Grace was diagnosed immediately with Acute B-Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and a rare chromosomal transmutation.

The consultants said that if we had waited for the Doctor's appointment she would have had an infection and it could have been too late. She was already undertaking chemotherapy by then.

Maria saved my daughter's life and I cannot thank her enough or recommend her more highly."


"Maria's nutritional knowledge and her amazing SCIO machine has helped my daughter recover from the difficult condition Chronic Fatigue. She has been very supportive and responds very quickly to any queries we have had. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria."


"Over the last three years Maria has helped me regain a level of health I'm sure I would not have achieved without her. She has a wealth of knowledge and is also very intuitive in her approach. The list of ailments she has helped me with is fairly extensive, including hypoglycaemia, candida and excess weight. She has also helped my husband recover from chronic IBS. In both our cases she has discovered the underlying cause of our illnesses and in this way has helped us to move forward, empowered with a greater knowledge of how to remain healthy. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a better level of health."


"I am extremely happy to say, I have completed the 2008 London Marathon in the time of 3.32. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for the last 10 years. It stays in the background then flares up putting a halt to my whole energy system, this is pretty debilitating.
Conventional treatments involve drug therapy, which don't appeal to me, so I searched for alternative therapy and the SCIO was my first choice. Basically this amazing machine provides the practitioner (Maria) with a detailed picture of everything happening in your body e.g. how your organs are performing, bugs, viruses, emotions. Once the problem has been identified the SCIO can send the healing frequency. Maria suggests he best supplements and action plan for you. When I've been unwell the SCIO saved the day."

Sophie, Surrey

"Without your diagnosis, I could have been in serious trouble. I came to you, because I thought I had a food disorder, but as it turned out, you couldn't treat me and told me there was something more serious ( after your diagnosis) and told me to go straight to the doctors. Upon where, they diagnosed my swollen stomach was due to a duodenal ulcer and tumour.
I have since been to hospital, had an operation and am on the mend, making a full recovery, I hope. With your experience and diagnosis I would recommend you to anybody. Yours sincerely and thank you."

Tony W, Surrey

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Maria Burke Clinic
"After about three years of constant pain in both my chest area and abdomen I was diagnosed with erosions in my stomach. Medication I was given by the hospital made me feel extremely ill and I was unable to cope with the awful side effects. I was desperate for some help with my condition and it was suggested that I visit Maria to see if she could help me. I was rather sceptical, but went along to Maria in the hope that finally someone would be able to make me feel better so I could get my life back. The results have been incredible and have changed my life completely. I have stuck rigidly to Maria's advice on how to change my diet and not only do I no longer suffer any pain I have also lost two and a half stone in weight. The other obvious changes I have noticed are that I am much calmer and less stressed and feel awake instead of tired. The other positive effect is that I now feel in control of my body and the condition no longer controls me.

I would highly recommend Maria to anybody for a natural alternative treatment that works."


"Just wanted to say thank you very much for clearing my psoriasis up so successfully in the run up to my wedding. It gave me the confidence I had previously given up on ever having again.
I admit I get terribly slack when I don't see you though and think I may need six weekly visits to keep me on the straight and narrow.
Thank you again."

Rebecca, Surrey

"I just wanted to write to say I cannot thank you enough for all your help. You have been my lifeline! I didn't realise how unwell I had been and for how long until I was actually getting better. I have so much more energy again and feel fantastic! Thank you so much for all your help and expertise. You are truly wonderful!

Very best wishes"